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Backup your CouchDB databases

Deploy the following project to your server to perform a manual backup of your CouchDB from Convertigo Cloud Server or Convertigo Docker Server :

There is an experimental Convertigo project to backup all databases of a Convertigo Cloud Server at once, that can also be scheduled, it is not officially supported.

Deploy the following project to your Convertigo CLoud Server:

Create a new sequence job from the backup_cdb project, pointing to the launcher sequence, fille the server variable with the name of the Convertigo Cloud server holding the CouchDB (

This will create a folder <YYYYMMDD>_<Server_name> containing all the CouchDB databases as .gz archives.

Or use CouchDB replication to back up the data to another CouchDB installation.

More information here:

We also have CouchDB manger project.

The following one is used to see/restore/delete document revisions :

The last one is used to Compact and Clean up a CouchDB databases:

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