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Basic/NTLM Authentication

The Convertigo HTTP connector supports multiple API authentication.

I will describe here the Basic/NTLM authentication.

THe HTTP connector has several properties to allow connections to secured back end sites who need an authentication:

These are:

  • Authentication type (None, Anonymous, Basic, BasicPreemptive and NTLM)

  • Basic/NTLM authentication password

  • Basic/NTLM authentication user

It is also possible to dynamically pass the Authentication providing an __header_authorization variable to an HTTP transaction.

To calculate the B64 value, use following code to compute the header:

var __header_authorization = 'Basic ' + + ':' + password);

In your HTTP transaction, add a single-valued variable named __header_authorization

user and password are also sequence/transaction variables to pass for authentication in the target site.

For more information, see Convertigo reserved parameters here :

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