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Can not open project after a Git merge

Convertigo Studio integrates Egit, a pure Java implementation of the Git version control system.

After a Git merge and a reload of your project or a Studio restart you may have the following error:

The most likely reason is that there were a conflict in some files.

Switch to Project Explorer tab and edit the files marked with the conflict icon (c8oproject.yaml,

This can be observed in the following picture:

If you edit one of them you will some strange new additions:

<<<<<<< HEAD
  version: 6.0.5
  version: 2.0
>>>>>>> refs/heads/master

These new lines are "conflict dividers".

The ======= line is the "center" of the conflict.

All the content between the center and the <<<<<<< HEAD line is content that exists in the current branch.

Alternatively all content between the center and >>>>>>> refs/heads/master is content that is present in our merging branch.

One solution consists in editing the file and removing the part you do not want to keep.

Then stage the files and commit.

If you notice conflicts before reloading the project, you can solve them using the Git Staging view tab:

Double-click a file to open the Diff Tool:

Invalid file id - 21c4e155-cd70-4d10-980c-d3416d11c6d6

reset can be used to undo changes to the working directory and staging area.

Right-click you project → Team → Reset…

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