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Execute a sub Sequence asynchronously

Executing a sub sequence from a parent sequence, will wait for the sub sequence to finish before returning to the main sequence and execute following Steps.

To execute a sub sequence asynchronously you can use a SequenceJS Step with the following code:

var running = null;
com.twinsoft.convertigo.engine.Engine.logContext.debug("Before creating runnable");
var r = new java.lang.Runnable() {
    run: function() {
        // prevent from deletion of variables in previous context
        var logRunnable = com.twinsoft.convertigo.engine.Engine.logContext;
        logRunnable.debug("Into runnable function");
        // call sequence manually 
        var __project = java.lang.reflect.Array.newInstance(java.lang.String, 1);
        __project[0] = "<ProjectName>"
        var __sequence = "<SequenceName>"
        var parameters = new java.util.HashMap();
        parameters.put("__project", __project);
        parameters.put("__sequence", __sequence);
        parameters.put("<param1>", <value1>);
        var request = new com.twinsoft.convertigo.engine.requesters.InternalHttpServletRequest(context.httpServletRequest);
        var requester = new com.twinsoft.convertigo.engine.requesters.InternalRequester(parameters, request);
        running = true;
        logRunnable.debug("Into runnable function after processRequest");
new java.lang.Thread(r).start();
var cpt = 200;
while(running != true && --cpt){

To test success/failure response of the asynchronous sequence, use Set in session and Get from session Steps to transmit information between sequences.

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