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How to create a filtered request in Baserow

In the Studio, the NoCode database view helps you create automatically CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) sequences from your Baserow table.

If you need a more complex data response you can create a view on a table and add filters and finally add sort rules to create a custom request.

Here are the step to follow to create a new view with filters :

  • Click the left “Grid” button to create a new view.

  • Click the “Table“ to create a new table view.

  • Give the view a new name.

  • Then, click the “Filter” button.

  • Add one or more filter selecting columns and rule to apply (last field is optional and can be left blank).

  • Select your Convertigo project in left panel (Projects view) and click the “Import into '<your_project_name>'“ button to create your sequence based on that brand new view.


Create a new filtered view


Add a sort rule to view


Test the Baserow view sequence

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