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How to shorten a project URL?

You can use an optional project for that: lib_AppShorter

Convertigo Application URL Shortener. This Library enables shortcuts to applications by using simple URLs of type http(s)://<server>:<port>/<shortcut>

It can be installed directly via URL: lib_AppShorter=

Import a Convertigo Github project in Studio

For the configuration, you must go to the project's Testplatform with an admin login:

  • Execute the set sequence and set variables:

    • project : the Convertigo project name holding the target application. This is Case sensitive

    • name : the shortcut name. If not provided the project name will be used automatically

It can also be used to do redirection for the Administration Console:

  • Execute the custom sequence with the name parameter set to index and url to http://localhost:18080/convertigo/admin/login.html (replace with your own domain name URL at Convertigo). Thus the root of the server must redirect you to the administration login.

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