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How to transmit several data keys to a Popup Page?

Passing data to a Popup Page can be easily done with the NgxComponent Source window.

When it comes to only one key to transmit, you use a the prefix and suffix fields to build the object and the Data field is automatically generated by selecting the target key in the upper right panel:


If you need to build a more complex object with several data keys, you have to check and use the “Custom” field.

Manually write your object in the “Custom” field by:

  • Clicking the key in the upper right panel to help you find out its item id (for example: item1708625866350).

  • Adding the “optional chaining operator“ (?.) before the target key. It is used to prevent Angular from throwing errors, when trying to access object properties of an object that don’t exist.

  • Adding the scope. prefix to all your item.


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