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Send multi values to a NoCode Database

In Convertigo NoCode database, columns of a table can be linked to another table, accepting one or more values:

This can be represented with a Form containing a Select with a single value and/or a Select with multiple values:

Select with single value

Select with multiple values

The best way to achieve this data transformation is to use a customAction component before calling the sequences that will insert data to the Convertigo NoCode database:

const formv = page.formSample.value;
formv['field_lastname'] = formv['field_lastname'].toUpperCase();
formv['field_gender'] = JSON.stringify([+formv['field_gender']]);
formv['field_hobbies'] = JSON.stringify(formv['field_hobbies'].map(x=>+x));

formSample’ is the identifier property of the Form component.

'page.formSample.value' contains all the form inputs.

'JSON.stringify(formv['field_hobbies'].map(x=>+x))' : The map function is used to convert all the id values to numbers and not strings. The JSON.stringify function returns an String representation of the Array of ids in the Select.

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