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Unable to deploy project!

🤔 Issue

When deploying your project from the Studio to your target server you may encounter the following error message : “Unable to deploy project!

🌱 Solution

You will find below the actions you can take to solve the problem:

  1. Verify there is enough disk space on the target server.

  2. If the project was already deployed on the server, some files may be locked. Try to restart server or manually delete project folder. Then try to deploy the project again.

  3. Add the ‘Error Log’ view to have more information:

    1. In the Studio, go to Window → Show view → Other…

    2. Type 'error' in the input filter

    3. Select ‘Error Log’ in ‘General’ folder

    4. Double-clic the “Unable to deploy project!” message

  4. The version between the Studio and the Server differs. You can deploy projects from older Studio to newer Convertigo Server but not vice versa.

    1. Use the same version for the Studio than the Server.

    2. If possible, upgrade the Convertigo server to same version than the Studio.

    3. (warning) Use at your own risk! You can disable the project version check in Server to force the newer project deployment:

      • Go to Administration Console → CONFIG → Main parameters → Advanced properties and uncheck 'Product version check'

      • The project may work correctly if it contains no new features from newer Studio or else all new components will be lost and project may behave unexpectedly.

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